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FOLK MO9768-06

Best Seller

Set of 2 wireless TWS 5.0 wireless stereo earphones with 30 mAh battery build-in. Playing time approx. 3 hours. Including a micro USB charging cable. Presented in a wireless chargeable box which also acts as a charging station with 400 mAh battery. This White color TWS Wireless Earbuds is Sleek and Stylish Stereo for your daily use. It has an Inbuilt Charger with a versatility of use. TWS Earbuds are the great pair of choice for Safe and Relaxing gadget for listening to music. It does not harm your ears because of its special features. It is portable and away from irritative wires. It comes with a chargeable box which acts as a chargeable station for multiple gadgets. It is the best kind of earring that you can find in TWS Dubai. It is convenient and is q top quality product to choose


7,5X7,5X3 CM

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