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HELIE MO6242-03

Best Seller

Portable selfie ring light in ABS material with 28 LEDs. If you are a content creator and make a lot of Tik-tok® videos or take pictures for Instagram, then this light is a must have. The white light is adjustable in 3 different brightness levels for the perfect light exposure. Because the 28 LEDs are in a circle, you will have nice and even lighting across your face. The lamp has a USB rechargeable 80 mAh battery. This Ring light for phone is your friend for making all your reels. It consists of adjusting lights that can help in creating different kinds of videos. This is because the 28 lightings is arranged in a manner to give you maximum focus and lighting. It has a rechargeable battery of 80 mAh. It is made with ABS material so it's durable and also it has 3 adjustable white light systems. This ring also has a phone holder magnet which is very important. This Ring light for phone is easy to use and portable as well. So you just font have to sit at home to make videos. It allows you to be creative and express yourself to the fullest.



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