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RECORD MO9671-03

Best Seller

4.0 wireless anti-loss/ luggage finder device made in durable ABS material. It includes a luggage tag. Requires a free app (iSearching) available in both iOS and Android. Attach the device to your bag or luggage and whenever your belongings are lost the device will help you to find them. The additional features available with the item are remote shutter/selfie button and phone find function. 1 C This wireless Luggage tracker is a great choice for 360 protection for your luggage. When travelling, mishaps and uncertainties that happen are eliminated by this luggage GPS tracker. Which is on time and effectively tracks your luggage if stolen or misplaced. It is compatible to use in Android and IOS, as It works with the help of an app called (iSearching). This is a must-have item you need while travelling as it always will be there to save the day. It is an anti-loss solution which works better in a good network area. This device is made out of Durable ABS material, which is highly reliable.


9,5X4X0,8 CM

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