What is laser engraving?

Materials are vaporized during the laser engraving process to produce sharp, long-lasting marks. The laser beam acts like a chisel to leave marks on the surface by removing layers of the material's surface. The laser provides focused quantities of energy to particular areas to generate the extreme heat required for vaporization.

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Digital Printing

We provide laser engraving on wood, acrylic, glass, and leather, metal engraving on anything from fine jewelry to industrial metals, and sandblasting on marble, glass, and crystal. There are countless possibilities for creating uniquely personalized things, from a simple monogram to an etched portrait

Want to give your possessions or that unique gift of yours a personalized touch?With an engraved name or message, you may add a special finishing touch to gifts, trophies, medals, and name tags. On wood, glass, and metal, Peacock Dubai may engrave initials, names, or lengthy inscriptions. While you wait, the laser engraving services may be completed in-store.

You Create it we engrave it!

If permanence is what you're after with your promotional gifts in Dubai, then our personalized laser engraving services are what you should choose. Your message or design becomes a part of the medium with laser engraving Dubai, perhaps making it eternal. We employ lasers, so everything is almost perfectly exact down to the last dot.

Using cutting-edge equipment, engraving in Dubai is a high-end and complex branding process. On metal/wood pens, key chains, USBs, executive desk top name tags, metal plates and badges, trophies, and crystal gift items, we can quickly engrave your brand. For a quick quotation, get in touch with us immediately.