Embossing Printing

Companies frequently employ printed items including brochures, letterhead, business cards, and envelopes. While designing these products, brands can use straightforward printing procedures, but the results will seem quite simplistic. Embossing printing is one of the most expensive printing finishing processes to utilize if you want to add a touch of luxury to the printed materials you use in your business. Lettering or images is lifted above the surface of the paper during the embossing printing process. An embossed print has a distinctive texture and a striking appearance. A process known as embossing enhances the quality of your print by giving it a three-dimensional appearance and feel. You apply the embossed texture to the text or picture you want to stand out.

Peacock Dubai offers premium embossed print services in Dubai to give your printed goods a luxurious finish. When metal dies are heated and paper is sandwiched between them during the embossing process, a raised image is produced. Blind embossing is the term for embossing that doesn't use any ink. However, foil stamping, a different printing method, is sometimes coupled with embossing to produce a stunning-looking outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is embossed printing?

A: Raised letters and graphics are printed on paper using the embossed printing technique to give the paper a striking, three-dimensional appearance. You may choose the design elements you want to stand out on our embossed business cards.

Q: Spot UV and embossed gloss are the same things, right?

A: Yes, the printing method we employ is sometimes referred to as spot UV. You might find this sort of product mentioned elsewhere as Raised Spot UV business cards, Laminated business cards, Spot Gloss business cards, or Raised Print business cards since this method goes by many different names.

Q: How thick is the paper used for these cards?

A: We use either 16pt premium or 14pt ordinary paper to create our Embossed Gloss business cards. To give you some context, one point (pt) equals 001 of an inch. Both choices feature a matte, slick surface.

Q: Can you have both sides embossed with gloss? Is the cost of printing on both sides included?

A: You are currently limited to using an embossed gloss on the front of your card. But at some time in the future, we will provide that choice too. For now, you may pay extra to have your card back printed with specific information

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